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The Collections Of Quebec University Libraries Are Finally More Accessible!

The Collections of Quebec University Libraries Are Finally More Accessible!

With a single click, students and faculty can access the unified BUQ catalogue directly from the Sofia discovery tool. This enhancement is the latest in OCLC’s Shared Services Platform (SSP) project.

On May 5, the 18 library members of PBUQ (Partenariat des bibliothèques du Québec) launched the network lending system, which allows users to request items from any academic library within this partnership even more easily than before with Sofia.

Users simply reserve their resources with the “Obtain” button in the record whether the resources are from their home library or another BUQ library. However, some types of items must still be requested through the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.

All reservations and loans made in the BUQ network can now be consulted directly in the user record (My Record).

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