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Four Areas Of Improvement Identified In WorldShare Management Services

Four areas of improvement identified in WorldShare Management Services






During the fall, the working groups in charge of the Shared Services Platform (SSP), the SSP Product Manager from the BUQ Partnership, and OCLC identified four areas of improvement for WMS functionalities and the Sofia search tool over the next four years:

  • Access to electronic resources: for example, all activated electronic resources should be searchable in Sofia without the user having to use the A-Z list;
  • Efficiency of the tool for the staff: for example, modifying the interface to reduce the number of clicks for a given operation and adjusting the roles and permissions in the system;
  • Performance, timeliness, quantity and comprehensiveness: to make the system faster, more robust, and more efficient. For example, the time required to run a report should be reduced;
  • OCLC methods, processes and services: this area is not related to the software itself, but to OCLC services. Documentation could be improved, whereas pages could be updated and translated into French in a timelier way.
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