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New Governance For The PBUQ

New governance for the PBUQ

In the winter and spring of 2022, the ad hoc working group on the governance of the Partenariat des bibliothèques universitaires du Québec (PBUQ) analyzed various scenarios to give the PBUQ new governance in order to ensure that it would be able to accomplish its mission fully and efficiently. The working group report was submitted to the BCI Board of Directors (BOD), composed of the principals of the 18 universities, on June 10th.

During this session and in light of the recommendations of the report, the BOD decided that the PBUQ would be composed of an entity and that it would be connected with one university that would provide it with administrative services and act as its representative.

During its session on October 7, 2022, the BCI BOD decided that the Université de Montréal would be this representative.

To complete this transformation by May 1, 2023, four main projects have been identified, and work has begun for most of them:

  • Signature of an agreement between the PBUQ and the Université de Montréal, to strengthen this relationship.
  • Drafting of PBUQ by-laws and regulations, including the PBUQ’s new governance, in order to collaborate more efficiently.
  • Consolidation of the support team, to support the many common services and projects.
  • Migration of the staff, tools and current activities of the BCI toward mandatary establishment, for an efficient launch on May 1, 2023.
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