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Quebec University Libraries Join The National Shared Print Network, A Strategy To Retain An Intact Print Copy Of Scholarly And Heritage Documents

Quebec University Libraries join the National Shared Print Network, a strategy to retain an intact print copy of scholarly and heritage documents

Increasing digital collections and space limitations have a significant impact on libraries in Canada and globally. Shared print initiatives are therefore necessary to retain a print copy of scholarly and heritage documents.

Quebec University Libraries joined the National Shared Print Network to coordinate existing and related initiatives.

This network was created after a strategic discussion in 2017 between Libraries and Archives Canada (LAC) and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL). It is an opportunity for the community to review shared print initiatives, and to identify what areas require national coordination.

The network includes several representatives from academic library consortia in Canada, the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC), LAC, CARL, and two regional shared print initiatives: Keep@Downsview and SharedPrintArchive Network.

BUQ is also collaborating with the Partnership for Shared Book Collections to develop a toolkit for institutions that want to implement a shared print program.

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