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WorldShare Management Services (WMS) System Enhancements

WorldShare Management Services (WMS) System Enhancements

The working groups in charge of the Shared Services Platform (SSP) are collaborating with OCLC to advance four key areas of enhancement that PBUQ identified. OCLC has started to integrate these enhancements in its roadmap, some of which have already been delivered.

Area 1—Access to Electronic Resources:

In 2022, OCLC updated a script to improve the rate at which bibliographic records are associated with titles activated in the electronic resources knowledge base. OCLC is also enhancing the system for libraries to indicate their preferred language of cataloguing for record/title matching. This enhancement should be available between April and June 2022. A follow-up meeting is planned with OCLC in June 2022 to discuss the next steps.


Area 2—Effectiveness of the Tool for Staff:

This area is twofold, the first part is focused on programming the interface settings, and the second part is focused on roles and permissions. New “Reports” roles were created in May. These allow institutions to give access to their statistics, without giving access to the module being queried. Another follow-up meeting is planned in June with OCLC to see how the preliminary work on the interface is progressing. This will allow institutions to create and configure their own roles.

Areas 3 and 4

There were several meetings with OCLC to discuss area 3 (performance, deadlines, quantities and comprehensiveness) and area 4 (OCLC methods, processes and services). Some follow-ups have been completed, and some are underway.


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