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Wrap-up Of The Partnership Activity Day Held On December 1, 2022

Wrap-up of the partnership activity day held on December 1, 2022

More than one hundred staff members of Quebec’s 18 university libraries met up for a day of partnership activities on December 1st at New Residence Hall (McGill University). The last in-person partnership gathering was held back in December 2019.

During the day, the participants assisted to a presentation entitled La création du Partenariat : un nouveau chapitre des BUQ composed of the following sections:

  • Review of the achievements and files in progress of the Partenariat,
  • Collaboration at the heart of our success,
  • Toward a new governance of the Partenariat.

In the afternoon, Simon Bourdeau, who has a Ph.D. from HEC Montreal in Information Technologies and is an Associate Professor at the ESG-UQAM, conducted a workshop on Lego Serious Play inviting participants to define their vision of the PBUQ.

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